Family Trees

Wilcox UhlEvansBatott ParraMartinezCompeande la FuenteSwientek Roy (5)  Netardus (6)  Johnson (3) Griffin Furlong (5) Flores (5)    Brooks Bombersbach Blum

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  1. Josh Davila says:

    On the Dan Roy Family tree…after Dirty “Jose Castaneda” he picked up two sons. Anthony Reimherr and Jesse Izaguirre. Reimherr picked up Captain (Aaron Killian-Smith) and Nathan Churchwell. Jesse Picked up Josh Esquivel. Josh Esquivel picked me up Josh Davila and I picked up two sons. Michael Sanchez and Martin Pina. Aaron Killian Smith did not pick up, but Nate picked up Kyle Seymour. I’ll try to get you the remainder up to now.

  2. Eddie Vega says:

    Great job putting this together, Gerard.

    One thing, though. Damian is Blake’s pledge dad, not Jerome.

  3. Mike says:

    Great format for this Brother Tree! Would be interested in knowing what Family Tree plug-in/prog you’ve used here. I am a Sigma Pi from Oakland University, working to create an updated version of our chapter’s lineage. Thanks for whatever insight you can provide.

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